Top 4 Birthday Gift For Young Kids (Ages 6-10) -

Top 4 Birthday Gift For Young Kids (Ages 6-10)

Deciding and giving good gifts for kids is a hard task. You want to provide tips that they can play with as well as learn. Birthday gifts demand you to go the extra mile and think. So, look carefully and thoughtfully for a birthday gift. Don’t look at the first birthday gift for kids and think it’s the one. Instead, look through stuff and choose. So, think about what the kids like and what they don’t like as birthday gifts. You need to be aware of their choices and preferences. The reason for that is you don’t know if they will like your gift or not.

Top 4 Birthday Gifts For Young Kids (Ages 6-10)
Top 4 Birthday Gifts For Young Kids (Ages 6-10)

The First Birthday Gift For Kids
Barbie 3-Story Dream House Playset

The first birthday gift you can give a kid is the Barbie 3-story dream house playset. There are many unique and exclusive features of the playset. Any kid will fall in love with it as soon as they see their birthday gift. It comes with a gourmet kitchen, a winding staircase, and many rooms.

Moreover, there are realistic features to the playset as well. It has a doorbell, music set, and a stove that has a sizzle. However, you’ll have to purchase the dolls separately if you want a doll set. The price of the birthday gift will be around two hundred and eighty-nine dollars.

The Second Birthday Gift- Blokus Board

The second birthday gift you can give a kid is a blokus board. It’s a fun and exciting board game. The kids will love their birthday gifts. A fact about the birthday gift is that it’s informative. It helps your kid develop the skill of logic and tactics. So, they will be playing as well as learning lessons whirl playing the game.

Every player gets a corner to start their game from and continue from there. So, each player places a colorful piece on the blokus board. Each article should touch the same color at only one corner. The game is to finish all your bits, and you’ll be the winner. It’s a fantastic birthday gift for a child. The game is a winner of various prizes for games.

Top 4 Birthday Gifts For Young Kids (Ages 6-10)
Top 4 Birthday Gifts For Young Kids (Ages 6-10)

The Third Birthday Present Hyperslide

Hyperslide is the next birthday gift you can give a kid. It’s fun and fresh. Kids have to fast and sharp to shoot, slide and flick the hyper discs. Many features of the hyper side will make any kid like it and want to play with it.

Firstly, it features electronic lights and sounds that are funky and cool. It features an automated voice that helps the kids understand the various modes of the game. It’s a game that an individual kid or a group of kids can play together.

The Fourth Birthday Gift Illusory Make Your Story Kit

The last gift you can give as a birthday gift is a kit. The kit is something through which a kid can make up and write their stories. The kids can write all the stories they want and send it to the publisher who addresses is in the kit.

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