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Different Surprise Party

Of course, as your child turns a year older, you want his/her birthday celebration to be extra dramatic. One of the ways you can make your child’s birthday celebration extra dramatic is by throwing a surprise party on his/her big day. There are different kinds of surprise birthday parties. Below are just some of them.

A Balloon Filled Birthday Surprise Party

You can begin throwing your surprise party for your child’s birthday by filling his/her bedroom full of balloons first thing in the morning. When your kid wakes up, you can have the whole family yell, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!” as your kid wakes up in a bedroom full of balloons. Afterward, your child can get dressed for his/her birthday party. After your child gets dressed, he/she attends the birthday party thrown in honor of the big day.

A Birthday Message On A Bathroom Mirror

You can start your child’s birthday by writing the words “Happy Birthday” on a bathroom mirror in creative and colorful lettering. Once your child enters the bathroom and sees the message on the mirror, you and other family members can yell, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!” Make sure that you draw other kid-friendly designs in the blank spaces on the bathroom mirror to accentuate the festive mood of the big day.

A Surprise Birthday Bath

You can start having a surprise party for your child’s birthday before he/she takes a bath. Place colorful confetti, balloons, and a colorful banner that reads “Happy Birthday” on a bathtub. After your child sees these things on a bathtub, he/she should know that you are planning to throw a party for the big day.

Daily Fun Activities Pre-Surprise Party

Throw a pre-surprise party during the week a few days before your child’s big day. You can do fun activities with your child a few days before his/her birthday. You can also take your child to his/her favorite fun places. On your child’s birthday, you can then throw a party after you have done special activities and visited fun places with your child in days leading up to his/her birthday.

A surprise party is not difficult to throw. You just need to be creative and resourceful when coming up with ways in throwing a party for your child on his/her big day. Furthermore, your child should appreciate any kind of surprise party that you are going to throw on the big day.

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