Party Theme Trends For 2019: Funny Over Formal

We all love to party. Sometimes we ourselves throw a party. Whereas, there are times where we attend one. This tops the list of all the forms of entertainment. We love to roll deep into a party. While partying we keep everything aside. All the tension and worries are kept sideways as it will help you enjoy your time. There are various party theme trends that are topping the list. Some are discussed below.

There are, however, parties every week. Some with themes whereas, some just a bit more casual. There are some really fun party themes. These are the way to forward than the formal party category. Thus, some of the funny party themes as per 2019 are given below. Let’s have a look at it. Which will help us to in-corporate for our next party?

Party Theme Trends for 2019: Funny Over Formal
Party Theme Trends for 2019: Funny Over Formal

Funny Party Themes

For any party, you cannot go wrong with a black-tie. Or for that matter a black dress. It suits the occasion and mood. However, if we look into the funny party themes. You need to take it a bit more casually.

If we have a party under the funny party theme as glow in the dark. Or get a lit party. This will allow us to conceptualize and crack our creativity. As to what we can wear for this fun party themes. There will be a glowing ball hanging at the center of the party. There can be a holographic dance floor just beneath this glowing ball.

Try to imagine and be more creative. And dress up as lit yourself when you get ready for parties. You yourself can dress up with lights all over. Or wear neon accessories to look lit for the party.

Balloon Installations

This party trend started with the concept of weddings. Then it got shifted to birthday parties. Or even baby showers for that matter. Now every occasion there are balloon installations. This can be a fun and funny party themes. You can creatively decorate the place for the party. And ask the guests to follow the theme. They can wear costumes of balloons as well. It is entirely on them and you as to how you will organize the entire scenario.

Colour Schemes: Pantone-Inspired Palette Kies

Party Theme Trends for 2019: Funny Over Formal
Party Theme Trends for 2019: Funny Over Formal

Why not reminiscent of the color of the hour of the millennial? Well, the crowd says pink. And a favorite in everyone’s list.

Thus, as you grow up your choice and taste towards the colors change. You start looking for more coral color shades. Even pastel shades attract you. However, according to Pantone, living corals make us embrace our playful expression. It basically symbolizes the beauty of being playful. And recognize our side to it. This can be fun and come under funny party themes. Where we ask the guests to use their creativity and dress as per the shades. Even the décor and setting will be on this basis.

Thus, these and many more fun party themes are available. You can use your imagination. Or even refer to some information available. This will help you to organize the best party of the year.

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