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Best Party Games For Kids

If your child is celebrating his/her birthday during the summer season, it would be best if you include outdoor party games for kids when celebrating their birthday. Participating in outdoor party games for kids should enable your child and his/her guests to enjoy the sunshine during the hot season.  Read on in case you are at a loss as to which outdoor party games for kids are excellent to have for your child’s summer birthday bash.

Find The Gummy Bears Game

Party Games For Kids: The Best Ones For Summer

Give each child a plate full of gummy bears covered in whipped cream. Each child needs to find the gummy bears hidden beneath the plates of whipped cream using their mouths only. Any child who uses his/her hands in looking for the gummy bears is disqualified from participating in the game. The first child to find his/her gummy bears in a plate full of whipped cream wins the game.

Blowing Bubbles Game

Each child is going to blow bubbles from a container of soap suds. The first child who is able to finish blowing out all of the bubbles from a container of soap suds wins the game.

Treasure Hunt Game

Divide children into groups. Each group of children needs to find the treasure hidden within the premises of the backyard. The first group of children that finds the treasure wins the game.

Donut Eating Contest

Give each child 10 donuts to eat. The first child who finishes eating all of the 10 donuts he/she is given wins the game. And, oh, do not forget to give all of the children playing this game refreshing cups of lemonade that they can enjoy while munching on their donuts!

Limbo Rock Game

Have each child go under the limbo bar as low as he/she can go. The child who is able to get down in the lowest limbo wins the game!

Water Balloon Toss Game

Divide children again in groups. Hand over multiple balloons containing water inside. The children throw water balloons to each other while playing this game. The group with the most unpopped balloons at the end of the game wins.

Party games for kids make your kid’s birthday bash extra joyous. Your kid’s birthday party is not going to be as fun as your child wants it to be if party games for kids are not played on the big day. You can opt to ask your child of the party games for kids he/she would like to have in his/her birthday bash. After all, the opinions of the birthday celebrants are the most important things to consider when planning parties.

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