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Party Games For Kids

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Throwing a birthday party for your kid enables your child to have excellent fun moments with his/her friends. Of course, birthday parties are not going to be full of laughter if there are no party games for kids. They are different from party games for adults. As such, you need to make sure that your kid and his friends only have party games for kids on your child’s birthday party. Read on below in case you are not familiar with party games for kids:

Pin The Tail On The Donkey Party Games

Watch your kid and his/her friends squeal with joy poking the tail of a donkey with their eyes blindfolded. Pin a cardboard picture of a donkey on a wall. Afterward, blindfold the participants. The child or children who are able to poke the donkey’s tail while blindfolded get a reward.

Pass The Parcel Party Games

Kids love sweet surprises! As such, these party games for kids should surely be hits to kids on your little one’s birthday party. Wrap the prize of the day in thick layers of confetti paper or newspaper. Pass the parcel of concealed prize around in a circle from one kid to another. Every time the music stops, each child unwraps one layer. Have the kids perform the activities for these party games for kids until the hidden prize is found in the parcel.

Egg Toss Party Games

Party Games For Kids That Promote Rapport And Camaraderie

These party games for kids are similar to ball-throwing games played outdoors. Pair up the children participating in these games. Have each pair toss each hardboiled egg back and forth. The pair that is able to throw the egg in farthest distance without breaking the eggs wins the game!

Egg And Spoon Race Party Games

Party Games For Kids That Promote Rapport And Camaraderie

Have each child hold a spoon with a hardboiled egg on it. Each child races to the finish line while holding this. The first child who is able to reach the finish line without breaking the egg wins.

The party games mentioned above are just some of the games your kid and his friends can try playing. Of course, you and your kid can always come up with your own conceived party games that can make your child’s birthday party excellently fun.

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