One Happy Birthday Decors

You could not have been happier seeing your kid turn 1 year old! Life is a blessing. As such,  it is time to celebrate everything that is good. In case you are a dad or mom on a budget, you may likely have a difficult time finding decors for your child’s one happy birthday party. You will need to exert a lot of effort in being able to find decors for your child’s birthday party that are affordable. Read on below if you are wondering which affordable party decors can perk up your child’s first birthday party.

Mini Triangle Pennant Banner

Just buy a few crepe papers or confetti papers, and you can make your own mini triangle pennant banner party decor. This party decor symbolizes your child’s one happy birthday milestone here on earth. This party decor symbolizes everything good in being alive on earth for a year.

A Ball Pit Kiddy Pool

It does not take a lot of money to buy a ball pit kiddy pool for your child’s birthday party. Just make sure that you buy a small to medium sized ball pit pool so you will not have to spend a lot of money on buying this party decor. Your little one and his/her friends should have a great time playing in this kiddy pool long before the party even starts.

A Number “1” Photo Collage

Collect a couple of photos of your child since he/she was born until your little one is about to turn 1 year old. Collect these photos in a Number “1” shaped collage. It does not cost more than $10 to buy the materials you will need to make this collage.

A Creative And Informative Chalkboard Sign

A one happy birthday party does not get any better than having guests know all of the important events and details surrounding your child’s life! Buy a cheap medium sized chalkboard. Write your child’s favorite things and other important past events in your child’s life in this chalkboard in attractive lettering. For charming results, use chalks of different colors to write details on this chalkboard.

A one happy birthday party does not get any better than having loving parents plan the birthday bash. Your child is going to be grateful to you for being so active in preparing for your child’s 1st birthday bash.

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