How to Make Your Own Frozen Birthday Cake -

How to Make Your Own Frozen Birthday Cake

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So if you’re new to baking and like experimenting, here’s the dummies full-on guide to frozen birthday cake preparation! Please Note: unless you count how many times you’ve tasted and made errors while making this dessert, your results will vary. I can’t make any guarantees. Also, I’m not a professional cook nor am I a judge of culinary skills. Sorry!

Started On Frozen Birthday Cake

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First off, let’s get started on your frozen birthday cake. Using your mixer, whip your mixer into high gear. Using a large mixing bowl or the one you used for baking your cookies, pour in your all purpose flour and beat it until the ingredients start to look combined. Make sure your dough is in one ball shape but not too dry or sticky.

Next, we’ll talk about your frosting and icing. Choose a flavor (or flavors! ), a color and then select your toppings. You can use canned fruit, cake mix, sugar, yogurt, icing or homemade candy. These items can be found at your local grocery store or online.

For your frozen birthday cake, using your spatula, scoop some batter onto your non-stick cake pan and place about two inches of water in the middle. You can bake your cakes in different flavors, frosting and icings, colors and with different toppings. For my kids’ frozen cakes, we went with red chocolate, green chocolate and vanilla, and blueberry. They were so happy with their choice!

Ingredients Used To Make Frozen Cake

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When it comes to the actual frosting, you can use either vegan white chocolate or regular white chocolate. For the center of each round of cake, you can use a vegan chocolate frosting. To add a bit of texture to the cake, use a brown icing. For a frozen cake topper, I used vegan white chocolate frosting and a hole in the tip of my finger to make a “V” shape to frost the entire cake.

The most important part of the design I wanted to show you today is the blue buttercream icing, which adds a lot of character to the cakes. Begin by lining three quarters of the cake with your frosting and working from the center out. You can use this same tip for the other three quarters as well.

Here’s one more tip that you’ll find very helpful. For our three girls, we made a video for YouTube and posted it on our page. It’s below. In the video, we mention some of our favorite frozen birthday cake ideas. The link to this page takes you to a page where you can get some other great tips on making these cakes, and we even offer two free recipes for blue buttercream icicles.

Frozen Birthday Party Cake Ideas

If you’re having a themed party, you may want to try some of the other frozen birthday party cake ideas we mentioned earlier. There are literally thousands of different designs you can choose from, so it’s really important to be creative and let your imagination go wild. If you need some help with baking, you may also want to watch a cooking program like Top Chef. There are many shows on TV that can help you learn more about cake baking.

For our last tip, let’s talk about the beautiful dessert that comes to us at the end of the year: the snow globe. This is a great way to bring a little something special into your home during the holidays. You can get a snow globe covered in fondant and topped with a glazed donut hole for a very sweet and unique treat. These are a great gift for any friend or family member on your list. Here’s how to make them.

Start by preparing your vegan vanilla cake base by mixing together either almond or soy milk and vanilla. Next, using food coloring and cream cheese, create a basic cake shape. Spread the frosting over the cake base. Next, add your vegan vanilla cake mix and dollop a small amount of frosting over the cake to cover the entire cake. You can use colors to coordinate the cake with your gift recipient’s favorite color or decorate the cake in any other way that you think will be fun.

This is an easy and elegant way to let your loved one know that you’re thinking of them on their special birthday. The best part is that these frozen characters are usually edible, so you won’t have to worry about them melting and making someone sick! Anna and Elsa are both very popular choices for gift giving, but if you don’t have them in stock, there are plenty of other popular characters like Winnie the Pooh, Aesop’s Fables, nursery rhymes and more. When you combine these classic and popular figures with a beautiful frosting and a pretty cake topper, you have a gift that will be loved and used year after year.

Final Thoughts

To make the cake even more appealing without the need for a recipe card, you can add a variety of toppings to your frozen cake. Try to sprinkle walnuts, chocolate chips and fresh fruit. If you prefer fruit flavors, you can use strawberries, raspberries and pineapple for a Hawaiian or Tropical theme. For the perfect flavor combination, try using soy-based cooking spray and vegan margarine to cover the cake before baking. You can also place a personalized photo of yourself, or any frozen characters, on the cake to help make it more personal.

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