How To Choose A "Happy Birthday" Cake! | From Me2u

Best “Happy Birthday” Cake!

For your child’s birthday, you need to make sure that you only buy or make the right kind of cake. Making a non-friendly birthday cake that is not fitting to have for your child’s birthday party. Read on below in case you do not have an idea on the kinds of kid-friendly “happy birthday” cake types.

Chocolate And Marshmallow Cake

Chocolate and marshmallow mixed together provide a candy flavored taste. For extra deliciousness, you can add chocolate sauce around the cake once you have it baked already. You can opt to add marshmallows of various colors on the chocolate and marshmallow birthday cake. Adding different marshmallow colors on this cake sets off a vibrant image for the cake.

Inside Out Strawberry Happy Birthday Cake

An inside out strawberry tastes like candy, too. Add enough strawberry cream in the batter while making this cake. Doing so gives the cake a tasty, and not bland, flavor. Do not forget to put a strawberry fruit topping on the cake after it is baked.

Cherry And Almond Cake

Kids also love a combination of fruits and nuts thrown together in their cake! You may opt to add vanilla or chocolate cream and sauce in a cherry and almond birthday cake. Make sure to add sufficient numbers of cherries and almonds on this birthday cake for best taste.

Easy Chocolate Happy Birthday Cake

A happy birthday cake can also be as simple as just a plain chocolate cake. Your child can have a plain chocolate cake for their party if he/she chooses to. Of course, it is always better to heed the birthday celebrant’s request as to the design and type of cake that he/she chooses to have for their birthday.

It is better if you ask your child if he/she wants to have a cartoon or fairy tale character placed on top of a happy birthday cake. Kids love their birthday cakes, even more, when their favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters are on top of them. Kids feel the jolly spirit of their birthdays even more if their birthday cakes are inspired by their favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters. Just be sure to ask your child if he/she prefers to have a cartoon or fairy tale character on top of a “happy birthday” cake.

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