Fun Birthday Games

Birthday parties are never complete without birthday games. These games perk up the already happy mood of birthday parties. They aid in developing good rapport and camaraderie among your kids and their friends during your children’s birthday parties. Below are just some of the game ideas that both boys and girls will surely love to have for their birthday parties.

Hide And Seek

Hide and Seek is an exciting game that can make the birthday celebrants and their friends squeal with joy. The hiders should surely do their best in not having the seeker find them first. Hiders know that it is always best to always be a hider instead of becoming a seeker.

Trip To Jerusalem

Birthday celebrants and their friends should have fun having birthday games that involve having some music in the background while being played. Trip To Jerusalem should challenge the birthday celebrants and their friends to be extra attentive than usual. Being more attentive than usual should make the kids not miss it when it is time to sit once the music is stopped while playing Trip To Jerusalem in birthday parties.

Poker Card Games

Fun Birthday Games For Your Kids

Playing Poker Card birthday games should develop good sportsmanship among the party celebrants and their guests. Players are not able to cheat when they play Poker Card games. The contents of the cards each player holds are concealed from the other players. You can make playing Poker Cards even more fun by incorporating a reward system into the games.

Video Games

Boys are more sporty in nature. Playing video birthday games are likely preferred by boys than girls. You need to ensure, though, that the video games your kids and their friends play at your children’s birthday party is age appropriate. You can ensure such a thing by supervising your kids and their friends while they are playing video birthday games.

Balloon Burst

Let your kids and their friends have balloons with candies inside tied to their ankles. Let them run around the room while these balloons are tied to their ankles. The kids need to pop the balloons of the other kids. Kids whose balloons are popped are out of the game. The kids who are able to pop balloons will have the candies inside the balloons they popped. The kids who do not have their balloons popped win the game. This game is fun and active.

Birthday games make the birthday celebrants and their friends forget their troubles for the day. You need to always be on standby, though, to be of assistance to your children and their friends while they are playing birthday games. Doing so should ensure that the kids do not get into any accidents while they are playing birthday games.

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