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Rotating Birthday Candles

Flower Candles Rotating Birthday Candles

Birthday is one of the special occasions which comes only once in every so generally getting excited about your birthday is ok. It is celebrated because it’s the day you born. Although, the ways of celebrating differs from one person to another, but blowing Candles and cutting the cake remains the same for almost every person. Everyone says that you should blow the candles before cutting the cake because whatever you wished for may come true. It’s a tradition which is started hundreds of years ago. Until today people believe in blowing the Candle and making the wish. This flower candle holds 8 pieces of candles. More the numbers of candles for more the number of wishes. You can take this candle for someone special and makes their birthday more special.

Flower Candles Rotating Birthday Candles

Features Of Flower Candles Rotating

The ordinary birthday Candles are so boring and won’t even make your cake look special. If you want to give or make something special for someone then this flower candle is the one you needed. These are brand new candles and it’s really fun to make your cake look awesome. This makes the cake really special. This candle is in the flower shape and copies the nature of a flower.

You will first get the flower candle in the shape of a bud. But as you burn the middle candle, it will unexpectedly unfold like a flower is blooming. After that, it will surprisingly automatically go round slowly in a graceful manner showing all the eight burning candles. The best part of this candle is that at the same time of burning it will play a soft happy birthday melody in the background. You can also sing along with the candle if you want to wish someone a happy birthday song. It’s pretty awesome to watch the candle playing a happy birthday. 

Rotating And Musical Candles

This music is not very loud so it can’t be heard in a noisy room. If you want to stop the song just simply cut the copper wire with the help of a scissor at the top of the musical flower candle. Sometimes you may need to cut the copper wire twice to turn off the music. Gorgeous and decorative flower candle will make your cake look sensational. This fantastic musical candle will surprise you and make an immediate sense of festivity that will be remembered for years.

This Flower Candle Is Safe To Use

The rest part of the flower candle is made up of good quality of material and flame – retardant plastic. This plastic has a high tolerance of heat, so you don’t need to worry about it catching fire. Don’t forget to keep your children away while lighting the candle. Keep your face around 40 cm away while lighting the candle. Do don’t light the candle if it’s windy there and always remember to blow out the flame before the candles get unburned. The flower candle is really safe and fun. This candle can be used only once and kept as momentum for years.

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