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Your Birthday Party Ideas

10 years old is an extraordinary milestone in a child’s life. Double digits! As such, you need to throw a party that is unique for your child on his/her 10th birthday party. Exceptionally unique parties vary according to the taste of each kid. As such, you may be wondering of the kinds of outstanding unique parties you can throw for your kid as he/she turns a decade.  Below are just some suggested kinds of parties that are ideal to throw for kids turning 10 years old.

An Art Party

Birthday Party Ideas For Your 10-Year-Olds

A birthday party for a 10-year old kid is not complete without artsy activities. You can buy supplies for your child’s art party in advance before the big day. Before your child’s birthday bash, you can give your kid the privilege to decide the artistic creations that will be produced during art activities in his/her party. By giving your kid the autonomy to make this decision, you make your kid feel valued as a birthday celebrant.

A Movie Party

A birthday party becomes extra joyous if movie watching is included as an activity during the festive bash. Your kid can conduct a movie choice poll for his/her guests to participate in. Your kid can include two movie choices in the poll. The movie which most of the guests choose to watch shall be the film to be shown in your kid’s 10th birthday party.

A Spa Party

This kind of party is ideal to be thrown for girls turning 10 years old.  You can have your daughter plan the activities for this kind of party. The celebrant can decide to have a makeup party, a nail makeover party, or a massage party. Make sure to be available to provide guidance to your almost 10-year-old daughter in planning for her spa party in advance.

A Neon Color Birthday Party Theme

If your kid’s favorite color is Neon, then throwing a Neon themed party for your child’s 10th birthday party is the best thing to do! You can indicate in the invitations that guests need to wear neon colored clothes. And, do not forget to decorate the party venue with lots of Neon colored party decorations such as confetti and signs relevant to have in birthday parties.

Turning 10 years old is just a step away from being a teenager. As such, you need to make your child feel that turning a pre-teen is special to you as it is special to him/her. You can make your kid feel this by being hands-on in helping him/her plan for his/her 10th birthday party.

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