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Birthday Games For Kids

Your child’s birthday party is not going to be complete without birthday games. Of course, you will not want adult guests to be left out while the kids are having a blast playing birthday games. As such, you need to have birthday games for kids that adult guests in your child’s party will love, too. Coming up with birthday games that both kids and adults will love is not difficult. Some of the birthday games for kids and adults are the following:

Prize Walk Birthday Party Game

Birthday Games For Kids: That Adults Will Love Too

Prepare to have this birthday party game by buying rewards for both kids and adults. You can buy bags of popcorn and chips for adult prizes. Meanwhile, you can buy stuffed toys and other toys for kid prizes. Place the written numbers of 1-30 on the ground. Fill your basket with numbers 1-30 written on small slips of papers, as well. Have each child and adult participant stand on a certain number on the ground that they want. The participants are going to dance while the background music is playing. When the music stops, the participant who stands on the number that matches the number written on a slip of paper picked from the basket wins a prize. Continue playing the game until almost all or all of the participants win rewards.

Button, Button

Birthday Games For Kids: That Adults Will Love Too

Children game participants look for a button that an adult game participant has hidden somewhere in the party venue. The children guests of the party leave the room while the adult player hides the button. After the children guests return to the room, they begin searching for the button. The winner takes home a prize. Only one child wins this game. So, you need to make sure that the prize given to the winner of this game is extra special.

Ice Breaker Game

Fill milk carton containers or other similar containers with treats for kids. Examples of these treats are candies,  chocolates, small toys, pens, and pencils, and other treats kids always love having.  Afterward, fill these containers with colored water. Finally, fill the carton containers with large ice cubes. Keep the containers in the freezer overnight the day before your child’s birthday party. Have your child and the children guests use sharp objects in digging through the ice to find their hidden rewards. Adults need to assist kids when playing this game in order to guide the kids in safely using sharp objects or tools.

Birthday games do not get any better when both kids and adults are having fun playing them. You may also ask your child, the children and adult guests as to the kinds of birthday games they want to play on your kid’s big day. Soliciting such information should aid you in being able to plan your child’s birthday games well in advance.

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