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5 Unique Games for Kids Birthday Party

Kid Birthday Games

One of the most important things parents should pay attention to is their child’s birthday party because it only happens once a year. All parents want the outcome of their children’s party to be perfect so that the birthday celebrant and the guests can enjoy it.

Besides gifts, cakes, and ready-to-eat meals, children’s most exciting things are the birthday party games. You need to think carefully and prepare the kid’s birthday games appropriate for the age of each child who is invited so that no one can be out of place, and everyone can participate in the game, and everyone can enjoy the party.

Games for Kids Birthday Party

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Children aged two and up

1. the bubble game

Children love bubbles, as well as adults. Bubbles are fun to play with and it is for everybody. For the first children’s party game on the list, let’s deal with bubbles. This game is played by blowing bubbles of adults and letting the children shoot it. Ultimately, the winner is the child with the most exploded bubbles.

To play this game, you will need to require your guests to bring an extra shirt, because they might get wet during this game. When the game is over, prepare a small prize for the winner.

2. Musical Statues

This children’s party game is truly a classic game that every child and party guest will enjoy. Play a fun song, and let the children dance to the music. When the music stops, the children should stop as well. Any child caught moving while the song is paused will be removed from the game. Make sure there are still consolation prizes to be given to the children removed from the game.

Children aged five and up

1. Egg and Spoon Race

For children who are a bit bigger than toddlers, their games should also level up. This game is a classic game played at birthday parties. You only need a few boiled eggs and tablespoons. Have the children who want to join the fun, give each of them a spoon and an egg. They need to put the egg in the tablespoon and precede it to reach the finish line without dropping the egg; when it falls, he has to go back to the beginning.

The first child to get the finish line is the winner of this kid’s birthday games. Make sure the prize will be worth it for the winning child.

Children aged ten and up

1. Photo Scavenger Hunt

In this game, the children have to be divided into two groups. They will be given a list of things they need to look for and a cellphone to picture them. The group that completes the list first is the winner.

2. Minute to win it

This game is taken on the tv show minute to win it, where children are given a specific task they need to do in a minute.


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Think of kid birthday games so that your effort will not go to waste. Make your kid’s party the best one ever yet and play all these fun games at their party. For sure, everyone at the party will enjoy it.

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